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The Canadian Warbow Society Shoppe is a place to buy, sell and swap supplies and equipment relating to the great English Warbow. Our members have many talents other than just shooting! We have bowyers, fletchers and arrowsmiths who have high quality hand made products for sale.

If you would like to add your product photos and information, please contact shopcwbs@canadianwarbowsociety.com. One set of postings is free with your yearly membership. There is a nominal charge for additional postings throughout the year. Please note that only items that meet the CWBS specifications may be posted.

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CWBS T-shirts



CWBS T-shirt

Please note that if you order on a dark colour, you need to use the BLACK shirt design or the text will not show. If you order on a light colour, you need to use the WHITE shirt design for the text to show.

You can order your BLACK t-shirt directly from:


You can order your WHITE t-shirt directly from:


Note that the design will not print well on a red shirt. Please be sure that "Canadian Warbow Society" is legible on the shirt colour you choose.

Tudor Bodkins



Tudor Bodkins
Hand forged by Karl Malmstrom

$10 per bodkin plus shipping

To order, email Karl Malmstrom at


To view a video of how these are made, go to