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CWBS - About Us

The Canadian Warbow Society (CWBS) was officially formed in April, 2012. We are a small group of archers who are devoted to the art of the great English Warbow.

The Canadian Warbow Society is affiliated with the mother EWBS or English Warbow Society (www.englishwarbowsociety.com) and is an official chapter as of January, 2013.

We shoot historically accurate heavy weight English Warbows based on those found on the Mary Rose.

The aim of our society is:

  • To perpetuate and keep the heritage of the English Warbow alive
  • To introduce the study and practice of the English Warbow to our shores
  • To encourage participation of shooting the English Warbow
  • To increase our understanding of the weapon (technique and creation)
  • To encourage war bowyery, string making, fletching and arrow forging

CWBS-hosted shoots aim to reflect the shooting styles of the military shooting done by the English and Welsh of the medieval and Tudor ages. CWBS shoots will feature Roving, Clout Shooting, Distance (heavy arrow and flight), Armour Penetration and Wand Shooting events.


Officers of the Society:

Jake Fenwick: Chairman, Founding member

Gerry Lee: Secretary/Treasurer, Founding member

Scott Spears: Founding member

Karl Malmstrom: Founding member


Founding Members

From left to right are: Scott Spears, Karl Malmstrom, Gerry Lee, Jake Fenwick