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EWBS-NZ Bearing Arrow Specifications

Details of the EWBS-NZ Bearing Arrow
(Spec made by Keith Collier and Aaron Williams, written for the EWBS-NZ by Jake Fenwick)

The EWBS-NZ Bearing arrow is a representation of a “harassing” or “embarrassing” military arrow. Used at extreme range, the projectile is designed to provoke an enemy into combat or create chaos at a great distance. Using a type 7 arrow head, the Bearing Arrow is not a plate cutting battle shaft but is very capable of penetrating maille and other low grade armour pieces, as well as causing a bone crushing impact to the recipient.

The Bearing Arrow is a design based on historical manuscript examples of long range battle shafts used through the Hundred Years War period and the Westminster Arrow which dates from the 15th century.

Construction and Specifications of the Bearing Arrow
(Minimum weight 60 grams)

A horn reinforced self nock must be used (reinforcement approximately 2” in length.) with a nock depth of around a ¼”.

No further reinforcement with bindings is necessary but this may be advisable for safety and longevity.

A shaft of ash or poplar is preferred but pine or other woods are acceptable.
The shaft must be barrel tapered;
Shaft diameter at shoulder and nock: 3/8”
Shaft diameter at center: ½”
Minimum Shaft length (bottom of nock to shoulder): 30 ½”

NZ Bearing Arrow

Feathers must be sloped/rounded off (maximum fletch height point towards the shoulder)
Fletchings may be bound on by silk or linen but his is not required.

Minimum length 7 ½”
Minimum height 5/8”

A type 7 head must be used, hand forged is preferred but machined is acceptable.

Bearing Fletch