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Welcome to the CWBS

The Canadian Warbow Society is a group of like-minded individuals who practice the shooting and the making of the great English Warbow, War arrows, and tackle. Our goal is to perpetuate the heritage of the English Warbow, and introduce the study and practice of this weapon to our shores.

The CWBS encourages warbowyery, fletching, string making and arrow head forging, as well as shooting technique practices.

The Canadian Warbow Society is affiliated with the mother EWBS or English Warbow Society (www.theenglishwarbowsociety.com) and is an official chapter as of January 2013.

We practice Roving, Clout, Distance Shooting, Armour Penetration, Wand Shooting and Shooting at the Butts. We shoot historically accurate heavy weight English Warbows based on those found on the Mary Rose.

We are the Canadian Warbow Society!


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